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Tag: Textile

  • NAPREDAK d.d. Tešanj Featured

    NAPREDAK d.d. Tešanj

    Raduša bb, 74260 Tešanj, BiH
    Napredak Tešanj was founded in 1956 by joining two handicrafts. The production facility of 6,500 m² with various collections of…
  • ZAHAREX d.o.o. Srebrenik

    Magistralni put bb, 75356 Srebrenik
    ZAHAREX Ltd. Srebrenik is a leading manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina mattresses, bonel wire core, sponges, as well as bed…
  • KANA N&N d.o.o. Sarajevo – Ilidža

    Blažujski Put 8, 71210 Ilidža
    KANA N & N is engaged in textile industry. The company has achieved remarkable results both in the domestic market…
  • TIP DEKORATIVA d.d. Prozor-Rama

    Kralja Tomislava bb, 88440 Prozor
    The activity of this company is the production of decorative fabrics for furniture upholstery.

    Kladanjskih brigada 38, 75280 Kladanj
    NEW-EXPORT d.o.o. KLADANJ is company for production of sports equipment.
  • WERKKOL D.O.O Kladanj

    Vitalj bb, Kladanj 75280
    WERKKOL D.O.O Kladanj,  is a family factory founded Kladanj. Factory focuses on the production of fine underwear for women,men…